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Hello world and welcome to the Star Trek Exhibition Blog.

Here you will find blog posts about anything and everything.  Including great things about star trek the movies and star trek the tv series.

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  1. will the star trek exhibit ever come back to san diego air and space museum, my husband and i are trekkers and i would love to see it again, we went in 2008

  2. We went to the experience today and found that they are no longer there. The experience is CLOSED. Everything is packed up and gone away. !/2 price on all the merchandise. We are very upset I finally have a weekend off and wanted to see the experience for a long time. now it gone for ever.

  3. When this site was first constructed I was excited to see the exhibit in Long Beach but the tickets sold out quick and what was available was undesirable to me. Unfortunately the exhibit was not around long enough for me to get to it. The exhibit seems to have been broken up into a few smaller exhibits. I waited for the exhibit to come back to the general area. A small mini exhibit arrived in Riverside CA but photography was not allowed. There were pictures on sale of some of the exhibited items but I wanted close ups so I can see the details of the props and costumes. This site claims to be an informational site but there is no information. I am the only person to post in all the time this site has been up. Major disappointment. Without a real museum for the collection to be displayed in (like the Smithsonian), the collections are slowly (or sometimes quickly) are falling into private hands where they will never be seen again in public (except at a convention for bragging rights or an auctioneer). The worst part is the people who mishandle the items or allow their kids to play with them and they wind up damaged beyond repair. As big of a phenomenon as Star Trek is, this site is an insult to it. As for people that pan the movies and/or TV spin offs, I say this: Yes some of them could have been better but I would rather see a bad spin off than no Star Trek shows at all. SciFi has become a farce lately. It is mostly monster movies that either take place in the future or the monster is from outer space this is NOT SciFi

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